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Security by Incompetence: Why your password isn't the problem

User error may be the most common reason people get hacked, but there are many more factors at play. Many security experts claim that user error is the most common way people get their accounts compromised. This has been a common stance on security, and is entirely correct - a weak password will ruin your day as soon as someone decides they're interested in you, at least, enough to let one of their computers sit for a few hours guessing the passwords you thought were secure.

For example, the rules of secure passwords are generally considered to be:
A good password is 8 characters or longerA good password should use both uppercase and lowercaseA good password should use letters, numbers, and symbolsA good password should not contain an English word or phraseA good password should not be your username, or any public information about you  According to these rules, we can look at some of the common ways people write passwords, and see how secure they are. Many "secure" pass…