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Hashes and passwords: Not quite as oversimplified

An overly technical brief introduction to hashing and passwords
I've been spending too much time on HackForums lately (and it hasn't even been a full day), explaining stuff like zero-days, hash-cracking, anonymity and secure deletion, wireless hacking, and reverse engineering. One recurring theme I've already seen is relating to password hashes and what they are.

People often think of hashes in the same terms that they think of encryption - encryption takes data and makes it unreadable, and hashes do much the same. The problem is that although they operate in much the same way and do, for the most part, the same thing at the overview level, they're 2 entirely separate things.

What are hashes? To understand what we're really saying when we say "crack a hash" you need to understand what they are, and what the differences are between hashing and encrypting information.

Encryption is meant to hide data from anyone without knowledge of some secret value (aka …